darkness | beauty photoshoot

"Life is about more than just surviving." — Lexa, The 100

This one of the coolest beauty shoots I've collaborated on! The makeup is done by the incredible Brianna, shot by Leo Yu. The feather pieces were designed/made by me, the headdress by Ayuko Hishikawa Millinery. It's really amazing how she transformed me into a doll for the white look, she glued on pieces of the eyelashes one by one. It was time consuming, but totally worth it. I love the outcome of these shots! We were really inspired by Zemotion, hence the feather pieces and dark type of photos.

Although the makeup was meant to look like the Black Swan, it also reminded me of one of my favorite character on "The 100" - Lexa, the commander. She was a strong female character, so I thought to pay tribute to her by using her quote.





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