mirage | summer white lace dress

Mirage, what a mysterious and beautiful word - an optical illusion created by the hot temperature. The sheen of water from leftover raindrops on the floor reminded me of some common mirages, sheets of water in the hot desert, which is how summer nights feel like. Combined with the beautiful neon lights behind me, creates a fantasy like image which I love. 

For my birthday recently, I spent it with my close friend. From lining up on the long NYX grand opening line to eating delicious fried chicken to talking non stop about Game of Thrones, it was a lovely day. 

I love how in the same building, my friend Mark was able to capture three different vibes for me, the fantasy like shots above, the resort vacation type, and then a simple lifestyle shot with the stone wall. It's all about angling, location scouting and composition.

Photos retouched by me.





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