{ Summer Resort Vacation Lookbook } at Bermuda

After hitting Horseshoe Bay twice (sorry I'm just so in love with that beach! I never seen water as beautiful as that. I haven't traveled much, yet), I also took a stroll around Bermuda and visited a lot of places. My sister and her husband were like the group's tour guide through St. George to Hamilton. It's such a nice island, where the houses are colorful and the locals are so friendly. The only thing that scared me was how fast the bus goes, even at turns! Haha.

Anyways, apparently my dad thought I brought enough clothes to do a fashion show, so wanted to share a few of my outfits. I split it to casual/resort for when I was walking around Bermuda, to the more dressy, formal ones on the cruise. The first set is what I wore to explore Bermuda!

Since all the clothing is from Forever21, and the accessories are a mix I didn't want to write it all over my video, so instead will have it here on my blog, along with some styling tips!

I love these English telephone booths, I want one too :P
Sheer Love

Feminine cropped tops are great for hot vacation spots! Pair it with a sheer kimono for light coverage, and pale denim for a refreshing look. Then, throw on some arm candy. Yum~ I chose to wear cute "blinged" sandals, so that there is some attention to detail on lower portion as I did for the top.

Lace Kimono & Shorts were bought about two years ago from Forever 21
Cropped top & sandals bought from Forever 21 this summer
All jewelry in this one is from Forever 21 this summer

I LOVED this cathedral!

Pink Lady

Create shape by cinching in the waist of a simple silhouette maxi dress with a statement belt. A light weight, breathable knit material is great for a lot of walking. Or climbing! 155 steps to the top... But so worth it! Jewel tones are perfect for bright summer look. It's great for your vacation photos, as it made me pop from the background and sky.

Dress bought from Forever 21 this summer
Jewelry from H&M awhile ago
Belt from Two Moons NYC

Flared & Flirty

A short, flared dress makes a perfect, playful outfit for walking around in. The skirt's length, & nude wedge sandals create the illusion of longer legs. For revealing backs, use a stylized cropped top for an interesting layered look. I matched my rings to my dress.
Dress, cropped top from Forever 21 this summer
Bag from Forever 21 in winter
Jewelry from Forever 21 long ago :(


Bring a thin cover- up for colder times, or take it off to show off your cute, cropped top! Experiment with bold & fun eyeshadow colors to give a more tropical feeling. Incorporate a bright bikini top underneath, for that pop of color!

Bikini, top, cardigan bought from Forever 21 this summer
Shorts from Forever 21 awhile ago
Shoes from BOC Born (super comfortable!)

Hope you enjoyed, and enjoy your own vacations as well ;)

xoxo. judy





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