{ forest nymph } colorful print buttoned maxi dress at moon cafe


If you can't tell from my YouTube food review videos, I love desserts & sweets. I have a real bad case of sweet tooth :( and I need to stop!! But I just can't resist the temptation of honey toasts, waffles and lattes, especially from the really cute Moon Cafe. I've been meaning to get around to doing the review on it as my teaser shows, since I haven't (silly me!), for now I'll show you some photos from my second time there! Plus with all this cold weather, I thought'll I'll share a nice warm outfit to brighten up the mood.

{ forest nymph } I love moon cafe, it's so cute! I thought my colorful bohemian dress really suited the spot! See more photos of the dress and the food on my blog http://bit.ly/forestnymph
My toenails match the dress! hehe
This dress isn't something I usually buy or wear, but I thought the colors were really beautiful for transitioning from summer to fall, with a hint of both seasons' colors. I love the bohemian feel of the colors, fabrics and style of the dress. To keep it from being too meadow girl like, I tied in some black elements using the thick belt and studded gladiators. Then, throw in a touch of glam with the crystal embedded cuff and necklace.

You can wear the dress two ways - buttoned all the way down for a conservative look, or pair it with shorts and tank top underneath for a middle slit maxi dress. The latter works better for me because I have a wider hip, so dresses with slits always fits better!


The cafe had a very dreamy feeling similar to that of Cafe Bench, but with a more forest feeling. It's also closer to public transportation since no need for a bus! Therefore, it's been a great hangout spot for my friends and me. It was just kind of off when they played Korean music videos but English songs, I thought they should've picked one and stuck to it. The Korean music would've matched since the feeling they gave off was like a K-Drama! Really enjoyed going there for their atmosphere and good tea (and cute latte art).

There was a sign that said, please do not sleep here. So I tried sleeping :P 
Jk, I think they meant it for those that likes to lie on the couch and hog it





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