luna | cat ear beanie & boucle two piece

Besides the occasional reds and mints, I always reach for the blacks, whites & greys in my closet. Call me boring, but I just prefer monochrome outfits. So starting off my first real outfit post (as much as I love the other photosets, they really are just photoshoots, creating a theme and mood), I mixed all my favorite colors together!

The boucle two piece set blends black, white and grey creating an interesting texture. Instead of a regular flared skirt, I like how it has panels, giving it some structure. One of my favorite style of coats for winter is the parka with fur hood - it's casual enough for everyday, but you can also dress it up if you want to. This one in particular has fur lined detail, so it's even cuter than other ones I own~ To balance out the white fur, I opted for a simple white tote.

I love the moon, so of course I had to incorporate my moon charm necklace with a black choker necklace. Topping it off with my cat ear beanie, I guess I can pretend to be Luna from Sailor Moons hehe





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