{ illusoire } lilac high low dress in Vegas

"Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is." 
- Charles M. Schulz 

Isn't that quote so true? If I decorate my home like the Bellagio or Cesar's Palace, wouldn't you think my life is so interesting? Yes? Ok, I must start refurnishing my home... :P

Actually being in Vegas is like being in an illusion - everything is all too pretty, too perfect. The fast buzz of life passes as by as I went from hotel to hotel, as if exploring castles one by one. I LOVED IT, it seriously is one of my favorite vacation spot. Each hotel was vastly different from the next, and let you pretend you're in another country for the time you're there. Going to save up so I can go again, and hopefully for more days! It was all too short of a trip!

All the hotels were incredible, it was hard to choose favorites. But knowing me and my love for European style, I loved the Venetian hotel. The waterways in the hotel with live gondola and singing was just amazingggg. The Paris hotel was a close second! More of that on my next travel post :)

I love this lilac high low dress. I'm always worried about strapless dress falling down, but this was tight enough to hold onto my body. The longer train in back gives the illusion of longer and thinner legs since it skims the sides of my legs. Finished with a touch of glam on top with the help of faux rhinestones. Top it off with a killer height heels, these sparkly heels was a pain to walk in... but hey, beauty is meant to be painful right?





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