{ only human } off shoulder studded sweater loungewear

"The purpose is not to run away, 
It's to chase after dreams 

In a place worn down by sadness 
something called a miracle, is waiting 

Yet we are still searching for the 
sunflower that grows at the end of spring"

K - "Only Human" (translation)

The Year of the Goat hasn't started off very well for me - I had some family problems/issues, as well as personal (which has been on going for me, it's something I just have to get over myself). Everyone always strives for the best, and when we don't, we can often fall into a state of depression. However, we have to learn to get over it because we're only human. We aren't super heroes, things don't always go as we plan or as wonderfully as we think in our heads. Being strong isn't being good at everything, it's being able to face what we can't do and try to do it. That's what I've learnt through all this.

Like the song, we shouldn't run away from the problem, rather we should chase what we want. This is why I'm always so grateful to have the friends I have. They always got my back and make sure I'm OK, encouraging me to keep walking with my head up and shake off all the negative thoughts. :) That song "Only Human" and the drama it was for "One Liter of Tears" really also make you not want to take life for granted and live it to the fullest.

This set of photos is something very different than what I usually shoot, whether it be my outfit photos or my lingerie photos. Loungewear it something entirely on it's own - it has a soft, tender look that allows us to show a more feminine and vulnerable, fragile side of us. It reminds us yet again that we're only human, we don't have to look stunning all the time! So I thought it would be great as my 100th post on my blog!!!!!! Something different than usual :)

I loved using the big window as the backdrop, showing how NYC was turning into a beautiful snow covered world. After this shoot, I asked to shoot out in the snow since it probably was (and we're all hoping!) it's the last snow day of NYC. So we trekked outside for 20 minutes to shoot lingerie in the snow, photos coming soon to my Facebook page, you can follow it here! :)

Photos taken by Style Engineers (one of the photographer I knew the longest! :D) and edited by me.





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