to the top of 101 | caged bustier & slit skirt

To the top... to the top... to the top of 101!!! I've visited Taipei 101 before but never got to see the city from the top of the observatory, I always just shopped in the mall or ate at the food court. So I made it a priority to go there during my trip this time.

From the 5th floor, you board the fastest ascending elevator that broke the record in 2004 - 1,010 meters per minute, meaning in less than 50 seconds we were at the 89th floor. We were greeted by the eagle view of Taipei city, with glass on all four sides of the observatory deck. Luckily, I listened to my Taiwanese friends' advice to go on a nice, clear day, therefore we got to see a clear view of all the buildings and the mountains surrounding the city. It was breathtaking indeed.

According to my boyfriend, I hogged a corner for 20 minutes to take these photos and videos... hey a blogger got to do what a blogger got to do right? :P I was inspired by Taipei 101's beautiful sleek architecture and design. It had a grid like pattern throughout its window panes, and an almost asymmetric hourglass shape towards the base of the tower. I mimicked it through my caged bustier, which really cinched in my waist with some help from my slimming slit skirt as well. I created a hourglass shape myself!

Caged Bustier Forever21 | Slit Skirt Charlotte Russe | Heeled Booties Boutique
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