after the rain | photography work

Call me a depressing person, but overcast skies are my favorite type of weather. It creates the perfect natural diffuser against the harsh sun. I also love the cool colors it produces for my shots. This set is still one of my favorites I've shot with model Woo. He gave off the mood that I was looking to capture, and everything just came together as I envisioned.

His outfit was simple but sophisticated. The camel coat and dark brown henley shirt was a nice pop against the rich burnt sienna tones of the wood and buildings. I tried to incorporate my own unisex accessories to switch up his looks. This set was the first one I tried editing a different way, and I really love how it turned out. Thus it became how I edit going forward, so thanks for letting me experiment on your shots! :P

The melancholic vibe of these photos and cold tones reminded me of this song by Yamashita Tomohisa. The mood went well with the song so I thought I'll share on this post, since it's one of my favorite songs from the artist.

Looks like a detective haha





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