lucky | green for st. patty's day

I'm a little late on the posting, but here's my green for Saint Patrick's Day! I went to the Saint Patrick's Day parade for the first time, thanks to my friend Renee for suggesting us to go.

I ordered this dress from a Chinese seller on eBay... and the hem came all uneven with parts longer than other, so I had to cut the hem as evenly as possible and hand stitch it back (because of my luck, my sewing machine is in storage). However, I like this little alteration as the length is much cuter than before and it's a nice flared festive dress. Since you know I like to wear monochromatic outfits, I kept the outfit as neutral as possible by pairing it with all black accessories so it's more classy than bright.

Here's some photos from the parade. It's fun to see all the marching bands, especially the very cultural one with kilts and bag pipes. It's also cool that children participated - getting them to appreciate their own heritage at a young age is great!

The cheerleader's outfits reminds me of Hunger Games haha
LMAO "England Get out of Ireland" I had to take a photo of that!





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