bad | illusion lace dress

"Love is a sickness.
Can I get a witness?"

Serpentaze | Photography
Male Model | Woo
Assistant | Sandy Chen

Cold and dark, I love the mood of this photo set by Serpentaze Photography. The color toning reminds me of that from Tablo's "Bad" music video. I recently discovered a remix of this song - featuring a sick beat playing through Jinsil's hauntingly beautiful vocals and Tablo's amazing rap. The original version has been one of my favorite Korean song ever since I started listening to his music. The remix is a nice refresh for me to start listening to his work again.

"Love only pains as you learn about it," the song, to me, is about how love can cause both attraction and pain. It can start off with one pulling the other in, but starts to get suffocated by their true nature. I guess our emotions kind of mimics that since we both look pretty exhausted, and that's because we really were! That was at the end of our long shoot, and everyone on set was tired by that point, but hey it makes for a different set of photos than what I usually have.

I love the sexy illusion lace dress, topped off with a red lipstick for a dark and mysterious look, fitting for this photoshoot.

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