beautiful lie | after hours

There was a time above... a time before... 
there were perfect things... diamond absolutes. 
But things fall... things on earth. 
And what falls... is fallen. 
In the dream, it took me to the light. 
A beautiful lie.
- Batman vs Superman

The final set for my blonde to teal ombre hair. A more mellow and relaxed look to fit the natural feeling from the wooden walls. I love the stark contrast the rich hues of the wood gives off against my vibrant blonde hair.

Yes, the quote is from the recent DC movie "Batman vs Superman." You can call me bias because I love Superman/Henry Cavill, but I did enjoy the movie. People might hate Zack Snyder's work since apparently everyday is gloomy and there is never a sunny day. However, if you recall, I love overcast days - therefore I like all the dark mood and color tonings he puts over his work. His art direction is so creative and beautiful, I love to watch it to get inspiration. My friend and I agree the first scene where young Bruce Wayne was running, falling then flying up was shot so beautifully. Which is where I got the quote from, and one of my favorite song from OST. It's haunting and dramatic, makes me feel like I'm still in their world haha Also, now I want to cosplay as Wonder woman! I wonder if I can achieve making her awesome costume.

The dreamy feeling from these photos gives off the impression of a "beautiful lie" from the quotes - uncertainty and having a sense of lightness to these shots. Of course my color toning is not as great as Zack Snyder's, but like him I love putting a cooler tone over my photos.

Photos shot by Woo | Retouched by me | Previous Sets 1 & 2





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