luminaries | brookfield place new york display

The best thing about New York City is that there is always an art installation or exhibit happening somewhere. Of course being in this awesome city, my friends and I always take advantage of these beautiful displays. I love lights and colors (though my blog doesn't show that haha), so when my friend Renee told me of the Luminaries display happening at Brookfield Place, I had to go visit before it was over. Luckily for me, because of its high popularity, it was extended so I was able to check it out after my Taiwan trip.

It was an amazing view of 650 lanterns overlooking the glass enclosed Winter Garden. Although we arrived half an hour before ending, it actually worked in our favor. The rows of bright lights against the beautiful orange hues streaming through the window panes created by the setting sun enamoured me.

Every so often, the colors shifted, from yellow and green, to aqua and blue. In between the change of colors, the lights danced as it refilled the rows with the new shade. This modern light show was created by an award-winning New York based architecture and design practice, Rockwell Group.





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