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Get all cozy at The Wren! Upon stepping in for Christmas Eve brunch, my friends and I fell in love with the charming decor, reminiscent of an English farmhouse. The different tones, textured wooden walls and tables gave it a homey feel. The pine garlands intertwined with lights adorning the green wooden divider added to the great ambiance. They put a lot of thought into making each table unique. Using different ornaments (pine sprig, frosted pine cones, etc) in mason jars next to a lit candle, it gave it a dash of romance to this otherwise rustic bar. The decor complimented nicely with the exterior design – winter foliage ascending up the windows and scaffolding.

As for the food, the four of us ordered four different dishes that all sounded so good. Bubble & Squeak was such a cute name that I had to order it. It came with sausage, two fried eggs, potato and cabbage croquette and burnt onion mustard. The egg was buttered up and salted, giving it a slight crunch to the edges and yolk. The heritage pork sausage was seasoned and grilled, giving some flavor to the croquette that was more mild in flavor. I also tried the 1.5 French press coffee, with a bit of effort you'll get your dose of caffeine, haha.

Potato rosti garnished with smoked trout, two eggs, Hollandaise sauce and frisee was their version of Eggs Benedict. Surprise! Surprise! I didn't pick this one because my friend had beat me to it, haha. The potato rosti were strands of potatoes fried to crisp perfection, like a huge hash brown, and you know I love my fried potatoes! It went well with the poached eggs and lightly salted trout.

Maple sage homemade sausage with scrambled eggs and cheddar on brioche was a bit too spicy for my friend, since it contained pickled jalapeños. Also, she wasn't sure if the maple Sriracha on the side was ketchup or not, luckily she took a sniff before drowning her sandwich with it.

The Wren Breakfast Burger used their Pat Lafrieda beef blend topped with bacon, Swiss and a fried egg over English muffin, with home fries on the side. To balance out all the savory dishes, we shared Bourbon cinnamon glazed churros, dipping them in brown butter caramel. It was just the right amount of sweetness to counter all the salt intake.
Whether you want to get a drink at the bar, or dine at the tables, they have something for everyone – cocktails, comfort food, small dinners, brunch, you name it. With one of the best service I've experienced, we felt very welcomed and attended to. I was eyeing the cute window seating in the front that a couple had taken, so I'll definitely be back!    





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