Williamsburg | Cafe Mogador

Looking to try Moroccan and Middle Eastern brunch? Check out Cafe Mogador. Not only is it a great spot for food, but the interior design is lovely too. I mainly went because I wanted to sit out in the enclosed garden. Unfortunately, we went too late in the day, so the wait would be too long. It took about twenty minutes to just get a seat in the regular dining area.

Although it wasn't as unique as the garden area, they still included similar elements – the red curtains and wooden tables and flooring details. Besides that, they had wonderful Moroccan inspired tiling and large windows. Instead of the usual black dress I love to wear, I opted for a bohème styled dress. With wide sleeves, flowy skirt, and crochet lace inserts, it was such a romantic piece. I cinched in the waist with my favorite brown Liz Lisa belt, paired with a brown suede choker.

From my previous post on Shelter Pizza, you must know I enjoy Eggs Benedict, so I decided to try the one here as well. Instead of bread, they used the traditional English muffin which wasn't as crispy as the other bread, and their salmon had a slightly heavier taste than the one at Shelter. Then it was topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Also, this one didn't have avocado but instead of regular mini potatoes, they had home fries. If you know me, you know I love my fries, so it was great to eat their's, which were nice and crispy – just the way I like it. It also came with a cup of either cappuccino, espresso or coffee. I picked cappuccino but sadly, no pretty artwork on it haha

The Mogador Burger had caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, harissa ketchup, fries sesame brioche roll with grafton chedder cheese. I love burgers and fries, and theirs was done right, so good! It came with spicy ketchup, or you can use the regular ketchup on the side so you get different choices.

I definitely want to come back again and see if I can sit in the garden area next time! Afterwards, we walked around the area and found this cute little kitchenware shop, Whisk. I definitely need to spend more time exploring Brooklyn! There's so many cute dining and shopping stores here.





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