Mink | Fur, Leather & Thigh High Boots

What's my favorite outfit combo for this time of the year? Fur, leather jacket and thigh high boots – especially if they are all in the same color family for a monochromatic look. Add a ruched dress to the mix for a sexier ensemble. I love how this dress hugs the body in the right ways, so it gives the illusion of a slimmer look with the gathered waist. The perfect outfit to explore downtown Manhattan with photographer John Ferrer. It's nice how quiet the streets are, and all the turns and buildings create an interesting backdrop.

Not only am I in love with these neutral tones, but I also like to add some texture and lines into my outfits. To compliment the gathered lines of the dress, I pinned a fur stole onto my leather jacket. The fur had so many colors that it creates a great point of interest and layered element into the outfit. Besides, it help keep me slightly warmer too haha To keep it from being too boring, I pinned it in an asymmetrical way, mirroring the cross over design of the dress' gathering.





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