Smack Mellon | The Moon

What's great about living in NYC is all the amazing exhibits, and they're always changing so you get to experience new ones all the time. Since my horoscope sign is cancer, I'm supposedly a moon child. Even if it wasn't, I really love the moon – it's so serene to stare at it. So naturally, I would be so excited to check out an exhibit of the moon!

It's a 60 feet in diameter handmade paper moon that hovers over the gallery floor, it's really amazing! It goes up, all the way through the coal trough ceiling, using the building's infrastructure as part of the display. I love how the moon "dissolves" and breaks away as you go around to the back of it. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, they have performances and readings of Jarrod Beck’s text.

“My works are about making a mark, putting a foot down. They are about being here, but not trusting that space, and they are about the projected and the imagined, a HEREAWAYFROMHERE.” –Jarrod Beck

It's a must see if you're in the Dumbo area! Besides the beautiful moon, there's the "STAR FISH" display by Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze in the back of the gallery.





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