Review | 1960NY Pure Beauty Cream

It's always difficult to find an effective moisturizer for combination skin – they're either too oily or not hydrating enough. The 1960NY Pure Beauty Cream is actually the perfect consistency for me. I love the cross between a gel and cream texture, making it smooth and refreshing. It was easily absorbed into the skin, with no sticky residue and helped mattify my skin. It worked well under my makeup, creating a smooth canvas for my beauty routine.

I also adored the scent – it's a blend of crisp, citrus, woodsy scent, with a slight hint of musk. It smelled more like a lovely fragrance rather than a face cream, which I loved (some people might not), however it was not overpowering once applied. The scent is probably due to the ingredients acai palm which provides nutritional value, and ivy extract which soothes the skin. With its water holding polymer technology, it helps retain moisture, protects, revitalizes and refreshes the skin. Niacinamide and adenosine contents brightens, whitens and improves wrinkles, thus evens out the skin tone.

I noticed my smile line decreasing, and my skin felt softer. It also balanced out the oil and water levels in my skin. My face didn't look oily waking up or at the end of a long day like it usually would. My skin really felt more radiant, healthier and smoother. Not to mention how relaxed I felt after smelling it. I really recommend this to anyone with normal or combination skin!





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