Review | The Hair Mother Cellar Relaxing Treatment

Since I enjoyed using The Hair Mother Cellar hair loss shampoo, I was excited to try their relaxing treatment. With natural plant ingredients, green tea extract and hylauronic acid, it's supposed to help moisturize brittle hair and care for the sensitive scalp by gently removing sebum, dead skin cells, and dandruff.

For me, it did help get rid of my tangles with minimum breakage, but my hair was still somewhat dry. When used on the scalp, it made the roots oily after a day or two, however the scalp did feel cleansed and refreshes.

Although it didn't moisturize my dry hair enough, I did like the light fragrance. It smelled a lot like the treatments they use in professional hair salons – a mix of floral, musk with a hint of tea leaves scent. It's very subtle and disappears after rinsing, which is good for those that gets a headache from strong scents. It also makes sense, being that this was part of their unisex line. You don't want your men to smell heavily of florals!

I recommend this for those that doesn't get oily roots, and hair that's not too damaged, it's great as a light conditioner but not as a full on hair treatment. I'll probably try that as such, and use an additional hair mask with it.





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