Review | Bosod Top to Toe Wash

Looking for an all in one cleanser that you can use for both hair and body? Look no further, Bosod created this Top to Toe Wash so you can conveniently use one product for both! It would be perfect for traveling with when transferred to a smaller container.

Although this was marketed for men, I love this light, fresh fragrance with a hint of musk scent to it. The only downside is that it's not long lasting, perhaps if they create a lotion of the same fragrance to layer with, it would help retain the pleasant, relaxing scent.

With just two pumps, it lathers well for both shampooing or cleansing the body with. Although it is of a creamy gel texture, it didn't feel too hydrating for the hair. However, it did moisturize the skin with its black willow bark extract, white willow bark extract, and salicylic acid ingredeints. Sopawort is added as a natural cleanser, which helps remove dead skin along with the salicylic acid.
Other natural ingredients includes fermented bean, willow, cassia bark, oregano, hinoki cypress, purslane, and scutellaria root extract.





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