Polaris | Altuzarra Black Trench Coat

Polaris, also known as the North Star, is the brightest star in the Ursa Minor Constellation. The older English name for it was the lodestar or the "guiding star". I thought it be fitting for this post, all the bokeh out lights glimmering behind me was like a sea of beautiful stars, guiding me through the dark streets of 5th Avenue. Besides the city skyline, I also love looking up at the mesmerizing star strewn sky at night so it only makes sense I chose a star name for this post (though I have yet to figure out which star is which haha).

It also pays homage one of my favorite TV shows, the 100, where the space ship "Polaris" burned through the sky erasing the "ar", and thus the capital was named Polis. Though Game of Thrones is still my number one favorite show, as you can see in my previous post.

In my Illuminate post, I showcased my white off the shoulder dress paired with nude heels. This time, I threw on my Altuzarra black trench coat – I love love love the texture on it! It's like a cross between lace and snake skin, making it so unique. The flared skirt and bustle back is a nice touch of detail to an otherwise basic trench coat. It went well with my favorite lace up heels, not exactly a kitten heel but definitely not stiletto, making it easier for me to walk around the city with. The nude clutch with black faux snake skin details reflects the details of my coat, and of course I love the gold hardware on it.





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