Orchid Paradise | Ralph Lauren NYC Flagship Store

What happens when you fill up a store with 10,000 orchids embedded in luscious green foliage? You get a space beautifully transformed into a garden paradise. The greens and whites complimented the store's ivory interior, I can imagine just how enchanting the fashion show was as the models dressed in the beautiful designs strutted the magnificent space. After the show, they left the extraordinary display up, almost like a living art exhibit within their flagship store.

The new collection is filled with designs in nudes, ivories, beige, all these wonderful neutral shades, perfect for the upcoming season. I love the luxurious, silky materials and fluid, light knits in draped and flowy silhouettes, juxtaposed next to the constructed parkas and blazers. The metallic and shine of brocade like patterns were so opulent and beautiful. There were also caped dresses for the super women in each of us ;)

I adore how each room in the store had it's own colorway and style, everything was so thought out. Of course besides the nudes, there were coral for spring, and black colorway, perfect for NYC since New Yorkers always wear black. I also got to admire the lovely new accessories – the lace up heeled sandals were to die for!

Unfortunately, it must have been hard to maintain so the magical display was only on for awhile. Now that it's gone, I thought I can share my photos for those that weren't able to make it! I opted for an ivory lace dress with nude lining to give off an illusion. The bodycon silhouette went perfectly with my criss cross nude heels for a slimming, and elongated look.





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