High Rise | Black Choker x Lace Up Outfit

New Yorkers might have a love hate relationship with skyscrapers, but I know I love it. The glass window panes soaring towards the clear blue skies is such a beautiful sight to me. One of my favorite pastime is to enjoy the view of the skyline by a waterfront or on a rooftop. I love the light breeze as it catches my hair, and the peaceful hum of the buzz below as we stood on the rooftop.

Besides enjoying the lovely city view from rooftops, I also love to stare up at buildings as I wander about the city streets. Especially since NYC is the juxtaposition of old and modernized buildings, it's such a sight to see.

Luckily for me, my model's, Alex, friend's building had an open rooftop for us to use as the perfect back drop to his (and my spontaneous) shots. The different heights and gaps between the buildings created interesting negative space, perfect to prop ourselves into. I love my all black outfit against the clean array of buildings. Honestly, a simple black choker paired with a lace up top or dress, finished with a pair of stockings is my go to outfit. You can say it's almost my uniform haha Though I probably should start varying my outfits otherwise my whole IG feed will start looking the same...

Also, this post made me realize just how different my retouching style for myself versus how I retouch my models' photos is. I love an almost monochromatic look for my own blog shots, whereas for my models I like to do a more rich toning process. I am very much influenced by movies and TV shows, such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Orphan Black and the 100 in terms of dark color and colder toning. For directors, I know many people either hate or love him, but I like Zack Snyder's dark and rich color grading as well. Any of the DC movies pay great attention to colors. (So this post answers a few frequently asked questions I get – whoever is next to me shoots my photos, be it a model or a friend, and I edit all my own blog photos.)





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