Brooklyn Museum | Black Butterfly Sleeves

Being in the Beaux-Arts court was like being transported to a modern day Westeros, with large archways, a beautiful brass chandelier dangling at the center, and glass-tile floor. All lit up with dramatic skylight rising 60 feet high. The whole setting matched my butterfly sleeve bodysuit so well, I really felt like a character from Game of Thrones, waltzing through the corridors in Kings Landing. I completed the look with a lace choker I made myself, instead of my usual satin or velvet choker to give it that romantic touch.

What's so interesting is how they reconstructed the flooring by putting new glass over the old, making it still slightly visible, a very cool effect. Along the surrounding walls is European paintings and artwork to be admired. (This is on the third floor)

Even the outside of the Brooklyn Museum is beautiful with its neoclassical detailed facade. I can imagine just how enchanting it would look when the cherry blossoms bloom by it.

So we started off on the top floor and worked our way down. Upon the elevator opening on the fifth floor, we were greeted by some American sculptures, which sets the theme for this floor – American artwork. The Imagining the New Nation’s Landscape was filled with paintings that had so much depth and darkness to it, I loved them so much! It's like you're being pulled into them. That, and it reminded me of Westworld, something Dolores would've painted.

Right outside the  Luce Visible Storage and Study Center was a polyptych of floral paintings. I adore flowers, and especially how it was light petals against dark backgrounds, creating a mysterious mood instead of the usual airiness of floral artwork. Being inside the Study Center was like being in a shop in Diagon Alley, filled with knick knacks, or in the collector's collection from Guardians of the Galaxy. So many different objects to examine – from lights to furniture to utensils.

 The golden candle holder reminds me of Lumiere from la Belle et la Bête. I love the above marble center table, as well as other gold gilded tables! There's much details in these furniture.

Let's pretend the other wing of the museum is a beautiful castle for me to stare at :P On the fourth floor was decorative art, furniture/furnished exhibits and contemporary art.





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