illuminate | ruffle off the shoulder LWD

Forget the little black dress, and reach for your little white dress next time you go out. It can be just as sexy, and classy at the same time. I love this one is off the shoulder, edged with a row of ruffle, for a  playful twist to the bodycon silhouette. Besides the lovely design, it's perfect since it's lined so it's not see thru at all, and so comfortable!

I love pairing it with a criss cross detailed nude heels to elongate the legs, and a simple matching white choker. Finish it off with voluminous, large wavy hair for an alluring look. I used to dislike dark nudes, thinking it'll make me look way too mature, but I'm reaching it for it more and more now. This one is Colourpop's lippie stix in Taurus, which compliments my neutral eye makeup.

I'm on fire, can you see me burning?
I am reckless for your love
I'm more than a shadow dancing free
I know that you see me more clearly

And I see I've been held back by the darkness in my mind.
And I see that I'll never win the war against time.
I first heard of Wildes from Reign's recent episode, where they played her song "Bare" with her hauntingly beautiful vocals, clean guitars and drums, I fell in love instantly. I looked up her other songs, and love the lyrics of this. 

The singer Emma Walker said "'Illuminate' is a reflection on our human error. It’s about recognizing (or illuminating) the qualities that make us human, but can also lead to our downfall. The song came from the idea that we will do anything – whether it be good or incredibly dangerous – for the people we love and the causes we believe in."

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