MET | Egyptian & Roman Exhibits

Besides art history itself (that was one of my favorite subjects back in college), I love the MET for transporting the visitor to another world. Each wing, you get to experience a whole different culture. Seeing how big it is, you have to pick one or two each time you visit to fully enjoy each exhibit.

On my recent visit, I got to visit the Egyptian and Greek wings. As a child, I used to read a lot of books on both cultures, I was always fascinated by it (as well as English and French art, so I'm looking forward to those exhibits next time!). So it's great to see the masterpieces in real life versus on paper.

In the center of the Egyptian exhibit is a serene pond, with statues edging it and greenery floating within. The huge windows flooded the room with natural lighting, and the snow piled outside made it seem even more magical.

As for the Roman wing, it was equally as stunning – marble sculptures danced and posed around the room, with a fountain at the center for making a wish. The prior time I went, blue light came down from the skylight. This time, we were caved in with snow, so it was such a different look to the exhibit.


I made all the people disappear :P





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