2014 Birthday Outfit | Simple & Elegant Shift Dress

I had quite a few celebrations this year thanks to my sister for my birthday, but wanted to share my outfit for my actual birthday! I wanted something Grecian - simple & elegant, so I went with this beaded collar shift dress.

Dress - Forever21
Earrings - I altered a earing I had
Shoes & Bracelet - Forever21 from long ago :(
Bag - Religion

I love beaded collared dresses and top because it acts as a necklace so I just have to find matching bracelet and earrings to complete the look. I'm obsessed with Union Flag bag, so I bought this clutch awhile ago and finally got to use it. Hey I like to have at least one new thing on me on my birthday :P I've also been obsessed with hot pink lips hehe~ Maybe I'll do a video of all the bright pinks/hot pink lipsticks I own!

For dinner, we had Sushi Island, one of my faves in Elmhurst. Ironically, I go there for their Thai food, not sushi haha. I usually get either their Curry with Shrimp, or Dead Man Noodle with Shrimp. Both are my favorite in the area for Thai noodle or curry! As for sushi, I made a no no and got the brown rice. Hey it sounded healthy, but it breaks apart in the soy sauce and was quite hard. So do yourself a favor, just go with white rice for sushi! I learnt the hard way :(

Ended the lovely evening with my favorite matcha and red bean cake from Takahachi, cut with a Korin knife :P I like how the cake matches my tablecloth. The cake isn't too sweet so I don't feel as bad eating it.





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