"Hercules" Preview Screening

If you're used to the Disney "Hercules" with statues singing, romance and more (maybe I was because I grew up watching Disney movies :P), don't expect those here. This one is based off Steve Moore's Radical Comics' "Hercules". A lot more action, violence and humor in this than a cartoon, of course.

In my honest opinion, I didn't really like the casting for the character Hercules, but as the movie went on, he did showed to be good choice as a leader type, the ones who says encouraging words to the soldiers. Is it just me, or some of the wall scenes reminds me of Game of Thrones where Khaleesi talks to the unsullied... I think I'm just too much of a GoT fanatic :P

Anyways, I do love the fashion in it, the women's gowns were simple yet gorgeous. Also, the scene where they upgraded the armor and weapons was hilarious - Hercules nephew talks about each piece as being Hercules' accomplishments.

"If the boar hide is indestructible, how did Hercules get it off the boar?"
"With a indestructible sword!"

I also really loved how the seer says he saw his death already, so each time flaming arrows fly towards him he's ready but never gets hit.

The CGI was good too, how shattered pieces fly towards you, but wasn't overdone. 

Thanks to my friend Stu for bringing me with him!





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