{ The Maxi Dress Style Guide } Mix & Match Lookbook at Poconos, PA

Ever had the dilemma of having to travel light due to the limited amount of luggage space? When I went on a mini getaway to Poconos with my boyfriend, I did, because I brought so much other things for other kinds of shoots and a few pairs of shoes. I didn't have enough room for many beautiful dresses. So I thought, why not take one of the maxi dress I was bringing and change it to 3 different looks? You only need one maxi dress, 3 belts and one top to do this! Plus summer time is the best time to pull out all your maxi dresses ;)

Dress - Forever21 (similar one & two)
Belt - Asos
Handchain - Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes - H&M
Shoulder Chain - Boutique
Golden goddess plays up the golden taupe tone of the chiffon. Pairing the simple strapless dress with shoulder accessories keeps it from being too plain. Being obsessed with body jewelry lately, I matched it with a gold hand chain with robin blue stones, for that little pop of color to the outfit. A caged metal belt pulls all the elements together for a sunset stroll in the park or beach, a perfect vacation outfit. To complete the romantic mood of the outfit, I paired it with a chiffon corsage wedge to add height with comfort.

Dress - Forever21 shortened (similar 1 & similar 2)
Belt - Asos
Clutch - Boutique
Armcuff - Boutique
Heels - Boutique
Necklace - Forever 21 (similar one, two, three)
Grecian Touch was inspired by the drapery of Greek dresses. It's simple, yet can be dressed up or down for any occasion. To achieve this look from a maxi, fold the bust of the dress under and wear the waist of the dress over the bust. Then pull more fabric from the hem under. Hold it in place with a wide belt. Tada~ You now have a nice flowy high low dress! Similar to a wreath, I used a vine like earring that brings the eyes down towards the (intricate necklace. To play up the Grecian touch idea, use) arm cuffs! It's so unique and fun, creating a look that can bring you from day to night when you switch from flats to a sexy, caged heels. It's great for dinner dates or events. Of course no night look is complete without a handy clutch for hiding that change of shoes. I found a leather cutout clutch that goes well with the rest of my accessories.

Top - Charlotte Russe
Skirt - Forever21 Dress folded down (similar)
Clutch - Sephora
Belt - Handmade
Ring - H&M
Shoes - H&M

No summer is complete without some bright colors! Orange Crush plays with the season's hottest color trend. For this, I wore my maxi dress as a skirt by folding the top under the waist and wearing a cropped high neck top. Since I folded the top portion under, the waistline was funky so I used a crystal belt I made to match the gunmetal beads of the collar. A black embellished clutch with silver border compliments with the other ornaments. A strappy wedge shoe ties in with the black accessories. Tying up the hair cleans up the look. What I love most about this out is it's conservative in the front, but sexy in the back with a keyhole, exposing just a little bit of skin. Suitable for a date with your special person, or to wear for a wedding.





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