"Into The Storm" Preview Screening

I was lucky to have catch the preview screening of "Into the Storm," a few days ago through a friend's invite. (I have not watched "Twister" before, so sorry can't compare the two!) I never heard of this movie before this, and looking it up most of the actors weren't familiar to me. But I thought, hey why not? I like watching these kind of action movies.

Right off the bat, I liked how they started off the film in first person view - through the camera of a high schooler fooling around with his friends outside. Suddenly, the weather changes and causes lightening to strike and black outs to the next scene, were we find out they're dead. From there, the movie was still shot half in first person through the groups of characters we follow in the "documentary" style movie.

Go #IntoTheStorm!
What I like most about this movie is that even though we didn't watch it in 3D, it felt like we did, as if we were riding a simulator ride to go "into the storm". The way the cinematography goes around the tornadoes, or actually in it was really awesome! (Though I wonder if anyone really captured going into a tornado on film for them to know how it's like?) It really kept me wondering what would happen next.

Though some acting were ok, I thought Richard Armitage's acting (he was one of the main character, the dad of the two sons), was really believable. Whereas, there were some others not so much or some parts of the story. But that's not really the main point, I think it's the overall messages in the movie that made the impact. One, was mentioned by the two girl characters who said that we are messing with the earth, so the weather is getting out of hand. The other was for family, friends or even strangers to stick together to get through a tough time, be it a disaster or even an everyday trouble.

They had a lot of comic relief, to help go through all the intense scenes, especially the two crazies who wanted to be YouTube stars by doing crazy things... I was a bit at awe they didn't die after all the things that happened to them in the movie haha. The audience laughed, clapped, gasped and I'm sure teared at certain parts.

Without spoiling anymore, this is definitely a movie to be seen in the theathres, you need the big screen and sound system to fully appreciate the CGI they have done for it. It was a lot better than I expected from the trailer and just looking at their imdb page. Anyways, what I want to say is...

Haha :P

For those that likes these kind of natural disaster, action movies, go check it out! It comes out August 8, 2014.





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